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Pneumatic Technology Applications:

Feb 24, 2017

Automobile manufacturing industry: including welding production line, fixture, robot, conveyor equipment, assembly line, painting line, engine, tire production equipment and so on.

Production automation: Machining production line parts processing and assembly, such as the workpiece handling, indexing, positioning, clamping, feeding, loading and unloading, assembly, cleaning, testing and other processes.

Machinery and equipment: automatic jet weaving machine, automatic washing machine, metallurgical machinery, printing machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, footwear machinery, plastic products production line, artificial leather production line, glass products processing lines and many other occasions.

Electronic semiconductor home appliance manufacturing industry: such as wafers handling, components inserted and soldering, color TV, refrigerator assembly line.

Packaging automation: fertilizer, chemicals, food, food, medicine, bio-engineering to achieve the powder, granular, massive materials, automatic measurement packaging. For the tobacco industry, automatic cigarette and automated packaging and many other processes. For the viscous liquid (such as paint, ink, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.) and toxic gases (such as gas, etc.) automatic metering filling.

The main supply: air supply two pieces, 4V series solenoid valve, SC cylinder, two pieces, triple pieces, manual valve, PC connector, PU tube, pressure valve and other pneumatic components