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Maintenance Of Air Source Processors

Feb 24, 2017

1. The working medium to use clean and dry compressed air, and piping the air fully blown to prevent impurities into the system caused by the cylinder, the valve action is bad, need to lubricate the piping system to add oil mist, the recommended lubrication Oil is transparent oil (ISOVG32);

2. After the normal operation of the system, to regularly check the air filter, oil mist work, timely discharge (except for automatic drainage), refueling;

3. Cylinder, valve long-term when not in use, pay attention to the minimum operating frequency 1/30 days;

4. Always check the operation of various pneumatic components, check the connection fastening screws are loose? Is the seal of the component damaged? Find the problem in a timely manner;

5. Maintenance, be sure to shut down the gas beforehand, and the pipeline system in the compressed air drained before the maintenance operations to prevent accidents;

6. When the parts are repaired, the parts must be cleaned and the impurities can not be brought into the system.

The main supply: air supply two pieces, 4V series solenoid valve, SC cylinder, two pieces, triple pieces, manual valve, PC connector, PU tube, pressure valve and other pneumatic components