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Global Circuit Breaker Market Report 2017-2022

Oct 09, 2017

Circuit breaker is a mechanical device used to open/close a circuit by self-operated means. It helps in protection of the device/equipment by automatically opening a circuit at a pre-assumed overload current within its rating. On the other hand, a fuse is an electrical component utilized to prevent the passage of the overload current from itself. Thus, circuit breaker is a technologically advanced solution for circuit protection.

Circuit breaker is an electrical switching device used on T&D networks for safety of the devices and equipment. Rising grid investments globally to replace ageing grids in order to upgrade to new efficient networks coupled with the need for effective load management are factors bolstering the global circuit breaker market.

The global circuit breaker market is classified into applications as follows:

Automotive Transportation Equipment

Residential Building Construction

Non-Automotive Transportation Equipment

Electronics & Electrical Equipment

Non-Residential Building Construction.