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Development Of Pneumatic Components

Feb 24, 2017

High quality: solenoid valve life of up to 100 million times, the cylinder life of up to 5000-8000Km.

High precision: positioning accuracy of up to 0.5 ~ 0.1mm, filtration accuracy of up to 0.01um, degreasing rate of up to 1m3 standard atmospheric oil mist below 0.1mg.

High speed: small solenoid valve commutation frequency up to dozens of hertz, the maximum speed of the cylinder up to 3m / s.

Low power consumption: the power of the solenoid valve can be reduced to 0.1W. Environmental protection, energy saving.

Miniaturization: components made of ultra-thin, ultra-short, ultra-small.

Lightweight: components using aluminum and plastic and other new materials, parts and other strength design.

No oil to oil: no oil lubrication components of the system does not pollute the environment, the system is simple, easy maintenance, saving oil.

Composite integration: Reduced wiring (such as serial transmission technology), piping and components, save space, simplify disassembly, improve work efficiency.

Mechatronics: Typical is the "computer remote control + programmable controller + sensor + pneumatic components" composed of control system.