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Air Handling Parts Instructions

Feb 24, 2017

1, the filter drainage with pressure drainage and manual drainage in two ways. Manual drainage must be discharged when the water level reaches the lower level of the filter element.

2, the pressure adjustment, turn the knob before you pull and then rotate, press the knob for positioning. Turn the knob to the right to raise the outlet pressure and turn left to lower the outlet pressure. Adjust the pressure should be gradually evenly adjusted to the required pressure value, should not be adjusted in one step.

3, the use of oil to the device: the use of JIS K2213 oil feeder oil (ISO Vg32 or similar oil). Please do not go over the cup. The number 0 is the smallest oil, 9 is the largest oil. Since the 9-0 position can not be rotated, it must be rotated clockwise.

The main supply: air supply two pieces, 4V series solenoid valve, SC cylinder, two pieces, triple pieces, manual valve, PC connector, PU tube, pressure valve and other pneumatic components