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What is vacuum circuit breaker components?

Aug 08, 2018

The "Vacuum circuit breaker" Gets its name because its arc extinguishing medium and the insulating medium of contact gap are high vacuum.the utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, frequent operation and no maintenance.vacuum circuit breaker is 3 ~ 10 kv, 50 hz three-phase ac indoor distribution equipment in the system and is available for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations as protection and control of electrical equipment, especially suitable for the requirements without oil, less maintenance and the use of frequent operation, circuit breaker can be configured in the cupboard, double tank, fixed for control and protection of high voltage electrical equipment in the cupboard.


A vacuum breaker can usually be divided into several voltage classes.low pressure type is generally used for explosion-proof electrical use.like coal mines and so on.

The rated current is up to 5000a, the breaking current is up to a good level of 50ka, and the voltage has been developed to a level of 35kv.

Before the 1980s, vacuum circuit breaker was in the initial stage of development, and was constantly groping in terms of technology. It was not possible to formulate technical standards until 1985 when relevant product standards were made.

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Components