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What is the rotating cylinder

Feb 24, 2017

The rotary cylinder, i.e., the intake and exhaust ducts and the air-permeable heads, are fixed and the cylinder body is relatively rotatable and acts on a cylinder of the machine tool holder and the wire curling device, which is a cylindrical metal in which the pilot piston is reciprocated in a straight line Mechanical parts.

Rotary cylinder mainly by the air head, cylinder, piston and piston rods. Rotary cylinder work, the external force to drive the cylinder, cylinder head and air head rotation, and the piston and piston rod can only be reciprocating linear motion, and the air head outside the pipe, fixed fixed.

Application areas: rotary cylinder is mainly used in printing (tension control), semiconductor (spot welding, chip grinding

Its structure is to combine the operation of two rotary cylinders into a blade-type rocker drive can do two-stage and three-stage rotation