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What is the role of the interlock switch?

Dec 20, 2018
Earth Switch Interlock.jpgInterlocking switches have a wide range of safety switches, including latch interlock switches, drawstring switches with emergency stop buttons, non-contact magnetic induction switches, hinged chain interlock switches, protective door interlock switches with lock stitches, Emergency stop switch, safety limit switch, explosion-proof switch, this switch can prevent people from entering dangerous areas before all safety conditions are met, which can meet the needs of most machine tool safety protection.

Interlocking switches are widely used in automotive manufacturing, metallurgical industry, metal processing equipment, stamping equipment, foundry equipment, forging machinery, welding equipment, painting equipment, laser processing equipment, packaging and printing machinery, rubber and plastic equipment, cutting machine tools, assembly line equipment. , robots and automation equipment.

Choosing the right interlock is easy. First consider whether the equipment requires a mechanical fence. If you don't need to consider a safety light curtain, a safe process protection solution, or a two-handed operation, consider the following questions: Do you need an emergency stop switch, whether you need a magnetic force? Drive, whether delay operation is required, interlock switch meets European and American safety standards and has CE mark.