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What is the attention in the low voltage switchgear?

Dec 28, 2018
Gck Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear.jpgIn order to ensure the shape and size of the low-voltage switchgear, it is often necessary to adopt a step-by-step combination of components. Generally, two pieces or two sides are formed first, and then the cabinets are formed, or the shape requirements are first met, and then the internal support of the cabinet is sequentially connected. . The lengths of the parts that make up the edges of the low-voltage switchgear must be correct in order to guarantee the geometric dimensions of all aspects, thus ensuring the overall shape requirements. For the two sides of the cabinet, due to the need for alignment, there should be no bulging in the middle.

In addition, from the perspective of installation, the bottom surface cannot be sunken. In the arrangement and installation, the foundation leveling is a prerequisite, but the dryness and the cabinet itself have certain errors. In the arrangement, the lateral difference should be offset as much as possible, without causing the difference to accumulate, because the difference accumulation will cause the low-voltage switchgear Deformation, affecting the busbar connection and generating component ectopic, stress concentration, and even affect the life of the appliance. Therefore, in the arrangement, the highest point of the foundation should be used as the installation reference point, and then the step should be gradually expanded. Under the condition that the dryness of the bottom surface is ideal and predictable, the method of expanding from the middle to the side can also be adopted to make the accumulated difference cloth.

In order to facilitate adjustment and offset tolerance accumulation, the low-voltage switchgear width tolerances are negative. After the assembly of the various components of the low-voltage switchgear is completed, it should be shaped as needed to meet the dimensional requirements of each part. For the manufacture of cabinets with large or large batch size, the fixtures should be fully considered to ensure the correct and uniform structure. The reference surface of the fixture is to be taken from the bottom surface. The positioning blocks in the fixture are arranged to facilitate the work. The outer door of the low-voltage switchgear is affected by transportation and installation, and is generally adjusted during installation.