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What are the characteristics of low voltage switchgear?

Dec 07, 2018
Low Voltage Cabinet Device Fittings Primary Main Circuit Fixed Plug In.jpgThe advantages of the low-voltage switchgear are that it is suitable for pre-plating of workpieces, easy to change and adjust, easy to beautify, parts can be standardized design, and pre-production inventory, frame size error is small. The low-voltage switchgear is shaped by clamps, tooling is positioned, and pressure washers are required as needed; riveting is generally required to be drilled, and pre-plated parts are to prevent the coating from being damaged; for components processed with precision machining centers or special equipment, such as connections When the aperture and the diameter of the fastener can maintain a small gap, the fixture can be assembled without a fixture, and the molding is performed once. The fastening of the guiding and positioning components should be first positioned with a special measuring tool and then tested by standard tooling.

The low-voltage switchgear is unitized according to the characteristics of various switch electrical, combined into functional units, with common structure and flexible assembly. C-profiles meet a variety of structural forms, viewing levels and the use of surrounding conditions.

The low-voltage switchgear arbitrarily selects the group generation by the standard unit module structure of protection, operation, conversion, control, etc. The low-voltage switchgear uses the isolation between the zones and the isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of the functional units to effectively enhance the safety protection performance. The main technical parameters of low-voltage switchgear are at the international advanced level.