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What Are The Causes Of Electrical Fires

Jun 07, 2017

With the increase in electrical equipment, a large number of electrical fires exist, these fire hazards have a certain degree of concealment and latency, in the event, can easily lead to malignant fire. 

What is an electrical fire?

Electric fires generally refer to the heat released by faulty discharges due to electrical circuits, electrical equipment, appliances and power distribution equipment; such as high temperature, arc, spark and non-faulty release of energy; such as hot surfaces of electric appliances, Fire caused by ignition of the body or other combustibles, as well as fires caused by lightning and static electricity.

What are the causes of electrical fires?

1, the long-term use of electrical lines, ends aging, copper and aluminum wire bad connection, the lack of normal maintenance, the occurrence of leakage ignition, resulting in the line through the heat, burn the edge, causing a fire.

2. When the wire is short-circuited, the current can be increased to several times as much as normal and several times or more, and the heat generated is proportional to the square of the current, the wire temperature rises sharply, when the edge temperature exceeds 250 degrees Celsius , The line will be on fire, this situation will bring disaster and short-circuit the length of the wire is proportional to.

3, the electrical switch fuses when the fuse and the switch off the fire generated when the fire falls below the flammable material may cause a fire.

4, electric appliances, lighting work close to the flammable or used to forget to cut off the power, such as shelved on the ignition base or after the waste heat is not scattered, immediately into the flammable package, will cause a fire.

5, for welding operations, do not take security measures to make the welding arc combustible fuel or sparks, slag falls on the combustible material and cause a fire.

6, electrical equipment overload operation, mechanical equipment, part of the rotation, resulting in excessive torque will lead to overheating equipment.

7, the power supply voltage is higher or lower than the rated voltage of more than 15%, will cause the line current increases or even dangerous temperature.

8, circuit breakers, controllers, etc. in the case of non-normal operation, the emergence of a strong arc easy to burn the staff or cause a fire. Oil circuit breakers, power transformers and other equipment of the oil in the high temperature arc gasification decomposition, will occur combustion or explosion.