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UniGear ZS1 Air-Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear

Jul 12, 2017

UniGear-ZS1 switchgear in consideration of the influence of internal fault arc in switchgear from the structure, and according to the provisions of regulation No. Fourth and Pehla IEC298, and GB3906-91 7.15 provides a one-time through the internal arc tests the national high-voltage electrical inspection and testing center, the operating personnel and equipment can effectively protect thebefore and after, left, right the direction of the security.
UniGear-ZS1 switch cabinet made of high strength, corrosion resistance, noimport tibnor spraying, main line imported from Finland has a good dynamic, thermal stability characteristics of "D" type structure, high strength, good heat dissipation, no support insulator, reduce the fault caused by the insulator. The branch bus imported copper bus bar R5 fillet, can avoid the tip discharge;
UniGear-ZS1 switch cabinet 30 years free maintenance, every two years, depending on the specific circumstances of a cleaning, lubrication. With VD4circuit breaker mechanical life of up to 30000 times, the electrical life of up to20000 times the rated short circuit capacity, is 50 times times off. Plum contact breaker, can ensure good contact, the contact surface pressure is uniform, low temperature. Energy storage spring using planar worm uniquespring roll, the arc extinguish chamber and the operation mechanism of vacuum in the storage and the closing process of the impact force is small, when closing bouncing slightly, will not affect the stability and lifetime of circuit breaker.