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Types of Ground Solar PV Mounting System

May 24, 2017

All-aluminum Ground Mounting System
Aluminum mounting solutions provide solar mounting systems made of 100% high class anodized Al 6005-T5 to be installed on both concrete foundations and ground screw foundations. All the aluminums have been anodized with a thickness on the surface to reach high anti-corrosive for using outdoor. It is light and strong, graceful and smart.

Universal triangle supporting structure
Solar PV ground mounting solution applies to concrete structures based PV power plant installation. Using 100 percent high-strength aluminum structural parts, the system obtain features of good corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, and delicate appearance. Pre-assembled support structures improve the installation efficiency, saving time and labor costs for the construction of large-scale photovoltaic projects.

Ground Screw Mounting System
Ground solar PV mounting system is designed for commercial and public solar PV plant. It can be applied for varied non-fossil soil types .This solution adopt integrated design of pile and post with simple structure, possessing the features of strong wind and snow load resistance, improving the installation efficiency. The finish of the C shape steel piling is hot galvanized with good anti-corrosion quality.

Pole Mounting system
Pole Ground Mounting System is applicated to install the solar panels on a single pole. According to different conditions, there are several kinds of solutions for your choice Grace solar pole mount system is attached importance to the safety and duration. The systems have been calculated complied with the structural mechanics and tested strictly. Its material surface of the parts,such as steel and aluminum, are all finished to get a great anti-corrosion for at least twenty years of outdoor use.