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The Composition Of The Contactor

Apr 24, 2018

The contactor is the most commonly used and most important control device in industrial control. The electromagnetic contactor uses the electromagnet principle to open and close the circuit.

The composition of the contactor

Electromagnetic mechanism

The electromagnetic mechanism consists of a coil, an armature (moving iron core) and a static iron core, and its role is to generate an electromagnetic suction to drive the contact action.

Contact System

The main contacts are used to break the main circuit.

Auxiliary contacts are used to control circuits, electrical interlocks, alarms, signals, etc., and the number of contacts is normally closed (normally open): dynamic breaking (normally closed) is 2:2, 4:0, 3:1, 1:3, 0:4 and so on.

Arc-extinguishing device

A device that extinguishes an arc when the main contact is disconnected. The arc extinguishing system may not be provided for a small capacity, and an arc extinguishing device is usually provided for a capacity of more than 10A.

Other components

Other components include reaction springs, buffer springs, contact pressure springs, transmission mechanisms, terminals, housings, etc.