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Switch Cabinet Condensation Phenomenon

Apr 20, 2018

We can start from three aspects of those things that switch cabinet condensation phenomenon

It is rare that condensation occurs in the switchgear. If condensation occurs in the switchgear, it will not only greatly affect the safety of the power supply, but also indirectly reflect the problems on the switchgear system.

We can start from three aspects about the switch cabinet condensation phenomenon:

First, the cause and characteristics of the switch cabinet condensation phenomenon.

1, switch cabinet condensation phenomenon.

In general, condensation does not occur in the switchgear. When the temperature and humidity in the switch cabinet reach a certain proportion, condensation will occur if it is not treated in time.

2, switch cabinet condensation characteristics:

(1) It is often found in places where the working environment is humid and in relatively poorly ventilated basements.

(2) Condensation of switch cabinets occurs more often in the south than in the north.

Second, the switch cabinet condensation phenomenon treatment.

Temporary processing method (no blackout condition):

You can open the door and use an induced draft fan or cold air blower to oppose the slow exhaust of the door, convection the air in the switch cabinet, reduce the humidity, to a certain extent, it will work, must be slow ventilation, pay attention to safety!

The best way is: Power outages, ventilation and drying of the switchgear in a large area.

Third, the switch cabinet condensation phenomenon prevention measures.

The phenomenon of condensation in switch cabinets generally occurs in old-fashioned switchgear cabinets. If conditions do not keep up, they are rarely seen.

The switchgear is generally centralized in a separate low-voltage distribution room or high-pressure duty room, and an air-conditioner air-ventilation system is installed in the power distribution room or duty room.

Air-conditioning HVAC fresh air system: Dehumidification, drying, ventilation, ventilation, convection and other functions interact with each other to ensure that power distribution equipment and other power distribution equipment are always in relatively stable temperature and humidity conditions, and can automatically ventilate.

Air conditioning heating ventilation system principle:

There are temperature probes, humidity probes, condensation probes and so on in the power distribution room, above the power distribution cabinets and in the power distribution cabinets. These front-end measurement devices can transmit the real-time temperature and humidity of the distribution cabinets and power distribution rooms to the control center. After the PID controller compares the setting values, it can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the power distribution room, especially the distribution cabinet.