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What is the Circuit Breaker Spring \ Hydraulic \ Electromagnetic \ Pneumatic Operating Mechanism

Dec 19, 2017

What is the circuit breaker spring\hydraulic\electromagnetic\pneumatic operating mechanism?

1.Spring operating mechanism is the use of spring tension and contraction of stored energy for closing and opening control, and its spring energy storage is delivered by the storage motor, and its closing and opening operation is controlled by closing, opening the coil.

2.Hydraulic operating mechanism is based on hydraulic oil as the power source to complete the scheduled movement requirements and to achieve the function of various agencies, rely on the pump motor to break the opening and closing storage.

3.Electromagnetic operating mechanism is the use of closing coil current generated by electromagnetic force to drive closing iron core, the impact of four-bar linkage closing mechanism, the closing energy depends entirely on the closing current size.

4.Pneumatic mechanism is compressed air as the working medium to transmit power and control signals.