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SC standard cylinder installation and use

Feb 24, 2017

1, the work of the load changes, should use the output force of the cylinder, in high temperature conditions, should use the appropriate high temperature cylinder.

2, before the cylinder tube, you must remove the debris inside the tube to prevent debris into the cylinder.

3, the cylinder media should be used after 40 μ m filter filter before use.

4, in low temperature environment, should take anti-frost measures to prevent the system of water freeze.

5, the cylinder should be used before the test run, before the buffer will be transferred to the minimum, and gradually enlarged, so as to avoid excessive impact and loss of the cylinder.

4, the cylinder in the course of work should be avoided as far as possible lateral load to maintain the normal working life of the cylinder.

5, the cylinder removed for a long time do not use, pay attention to the surface rust, into the exhaust port should be added dust plug.