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Introduction of MID-Set High Voltage Switchgear Metal-Clad Distribution Box

May 19, 2017

The KYN28A-12 indoor AC metal-clad withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is a complete set of power distribution devices of 3.6kV ~ 12kV three-phase AC 50Hz single bus or single bus sectional system.


The switchgear is mainly used in power plants, small- and mediumsized power generators, industrial and mining enterprises, and secondary substations of power system for power receiving, power transmission, and startup of large-sized high-voltage motor in order to implement control, protection, and monitor.


The switchgear complies with IEC62271 and GB3906 standards and comes out with a variety of protection functions,including preventing pulling or pushing circuit breaker handcart in load mode,preventing turning on/off the circuit breaker by mistake, preventing turning on the circuit breaker when the grounding switch is in ON position, preventing entering the energized cubicle by mistake, and preventing turning on the interlock function of the grounding switch by mistake in energized state.

The switchgear can be used in conjunction with the VD4 circuit breaker of the ABB company, VS1 circuit breaker, isolation handcart, and voltage transformer. It is really a high-performance power distribution device.


Normal Operation Conditions
1. Altitude 1000m
2. Ambient temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C (temperature can be as low as -25°C during transportation and storage)
3. Relative humidity: daily relative humidity 95% on average; monthly relative humidity 90% on average
4. Seismic scale of earthquake 8
5. The switchgear is applicable to category II contaminated environment.


Special Operation Conditions
If the switchgear will be used in conditions that exceed the normal environmental conditions, users shall negotiate with the manufacturer.