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Metalclad Switchgear with Mid-positioned Breaker for Ring Systems

Mar 22, 2018

Metalclad Switchgear with Mid-positioned Breaker for Ring Systems

Metalclad Switchgear With Mid-positioned Breaker For Ring Systems (hereafter referred to as switchgear) is a new generation of electric product.  It is the indoor switchgear, using 12kV three-phase AC rated voltage and 50Hz rated frequency. 

The switchgear can be applied in middle and small type of substation whose single transformer voltage is below 1000kVA. It can be widely used in factory, housing, tall building mining, ports and so on. 


1) Outside of cabinet body is made of excellent cold rolling sheet and aluminum and zinc plated sheet. The surface of cabinet is hard and beautiful. 

2) Quality is good and meet the standard of load switch 

3) Hand and automatic operating load switch systems can meet the design demand of ring system power supply and remote control 

4) Protection class of cabinet body is IP3X, and can be installed pressure releasing channel. It is safe and dependable. 

Basic electric parameter 

1) Rated voltage 12KV

2) Rated frequency 50Hz

3) Rated current 630A

4) Rated no load transformer capacity 1, 000kVA

5) Rated peak withstand current 50KA

6) Rated short time withstand current (3s) 20KA

7) Dimension width=400/600/800mm height=1900mm depth=900mm