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Medium Voltage Integrated Solid Insulated Switch

Jul 14, 2017

Basic Info

  • Structure: Curcuit Breaker/ Load Switch/ Combination Unit

  • Operation: Electric/ Manual

  • Insulating Medium: Solid Insulating, Without Gas

  • Technical Feature: Epoxy Resin Embedded Pole Technology

  • Rated Voltage: Maximum up to 24kv

  • Rated Current: 630A

  • Altitude: <=5000m

  • Type: High-voltage

  • Installation: Indoor High-voltage

  • Certification: ISO9001, Type Test Report

  • General Feature: Completely Environment Friendly

  • Special Feature: Integrated Component, Applicable for Switchgear

  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz

  • Mechanical Life: 10000 Times

  • Ambient Air Temperature: -45c to +65c

Medium Voltage Integrated Solid Insulated Switch

The most Intelligent new generation Switch

1. General description:
Solid-insulated switch is a kind of intelligent & environment-friendly switch, which is applicable to secondary power distribution system in the voltage range up to 24KV by equipped in solid insulated switchgear.

2. Technique feature:
The switch mainly has three kinds of structure, V(circuit breaker), C(load switch) and F (load switch combination unit). 
It is completely without SF6 gas and other harmful gas with APG embedded technology. All live parts are shielded witin epoxy resin cast or silicon rubber to make sure it won't cause any volatile matter.

3. Specially Feature:
It is the core of solid insulated switchgear, which is integrated designed, and provides flexible combination solution for users to choose.
The switch can be installed in or draw out from ring main unit as an isolated part and can be designed as customer required.
As an independent component, it can be assembled inside different unit of the switchgear even complete installing work themselves.

4. Working Condition:
--Altitude: <=5000M
--Ambient temperature: -45C~+65C
--Relative air humidity: daily average <=95%, monthly average <=90%
--Earthquake degree: <=8
--Applicable in the places without fire, without explosion risk, without chemical corrosive and without violent vibration.
--Exceeding above working condition is available as customized product

5. Standard: