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Medium Voltage Switchgear Testing Procedure

Jul 25, 2017

What tests should the factory do?

Medium Voltage switch cabinet need to do the following tests:

A) Insulation test

B) Main circuit resistance measurement and temperature rise test

C) Peak withstand current, short-time withstand current test

D) Closing and breaking capacity test

E) Mechanical tests

F) Degree of protection check

G) Operating vibration test

H) Internal fault test

I) Switching capacitor bank test

The following routine tests are also required:

A) The main circuit of the frequency withstand voltage test

B) Auxiliary circuit and control circuit of the frequency withstand voltage test

C) Partial discharge measurement

D) Measure the main circuit resistance

E) Mechanical, mechanical and mechanical misoperation test

F) Calibration of instrument and relay components and correctness of wiring