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Measures to deal with the design imbalance of the pneumatic components control valve device

Feb 24, 2017

Pneumatic components control valve at the beginning of the design, because the matching can not find, so will create the entire system of imbalance, which will cause unnecessary loss of energy consumption, so it is possible in the system design at the beginning perfect.

If the system is not balanced due to the design conditions can not reach full load, then the total investment in the entire device will not be rewarded. When the maximum load is required, the pneumatic component control valve is fully open and can not handle this condition. It is difficult to determine the size of the two-way control valve. The calculated valve is generally not available on the market, so it is usually too large. This cycle of system balance becomes very critical, in general, this part of the investment is less than one percent of the total investment in HVAC. Every morning, after a night of downtime, you need to mobilize all your power to restore comfort as quickly as possible. A well-balanced system can be done quickly. If the start-up time can save 30 minutes, compared to 8 hours of working hours, you can save 6% per day of energy consumption. This is more than all the distribution of pumping costs.