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Main Structure of Indoor High Voltage Switchgear AC Metal-Clad Switchgear, High Voltage Electrical Switch Power Distribution Cabinet Switchgear

May 18, 2017

Main Structure 

1. Switchgear Enclosure
Switchgear enclosure adopts imported aluminum zinc steel sheet by CNC machine tool processing, and use multi-fold workmanship strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, light weight, strong mechanism strength.
Enclosure with degree of protection IP4X is divided into four separated compartments, when the door opens the compartment and circuit breakers the degree of protection is IP2X

2. Trolley(VCB)
The trolley frame assembled with thin steer after CNC machine tool. The trolley co-ordinated with the switchgear as to make the mechanical interlock safe and reliable. Trolley with the same specification are interchangeable.
Circuit breaker trolley is equipped with vacuum circuit breaker and other auxiliary equipment, the VCB can be circuit VD4 of ABB or others manufactured by ourselves. It can be reliably locked in disconnected position, test position to ensure reliable interlock.

3. Busbar component
The branch bus is connected to the static contact box and main busbar without other supports. Main busbar is separated and fixed by the bushing in case of arc failure.
This construction can effectively prevent the accident spreading to other cabinets.

4. Instrument cabinet
All kinds of switch, status-indicator and measuring instrument etc could be mounted on the door of the instrument. Protective relay, secondary wire, terminal and air switch, low-voltage fuses, etc, are equipped inside the instrument cabinet.

5. Fail- safe interlock
There is a "anti-5" mechanical latch between the disconnector, VCB and panel door, a reliable measurement to prevent from mis-operation, convenient and safe maintenance, flexible operation.

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