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LV Equipment Daily Inspection Items In Distribution Room

May 30, 2018

Low Voltage Equipment Daily Inspection Items In Distribution Room

  1. Whether the doors and windows of the power distribution room are in good condition, whether there is a small animal baffle and cover the net, whether the power distribution cabinet door is completely closed, and whether there is any leakage in the house.

  2. Whether the lighting in the power distribution room is normal, whether the air conditioning is in good condition and whether the safety channel is kept clear.

  3. The indicator indicates whether it corresponds to the knife switch or circuit breaker.

  4. Busbars, whether there is any overheat discoloration in the connection parts of the circuit.

  5. If during running, check whether the three-phase load on the instrument panel is balanced and whether the three-phase voltage is the same.

  6. Discharge sound and burnt odor in distribution cabinets and appliances.

  7. Circuit breakers with arc-extinguishing hoods, whether the three-phase arc extinguishing cover of the knife switch is intact. Many of these defects should exist, or should be taken seriously.

  8. Check the circuit breaker for excessive noise.

  9. There is no damage and skew on the busbar insulation clamps, and whether the busbar clamps the fixing screws.

  10. Is the surface of the equipment in the distribution cabinet clean and the ground connection is normal? This problem of cleaning is also more common. No maintenance will not clean it up.