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Low Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear -MNS

Oct 26, 2017

MNS Style Low voltage withdrawable complete set switchgear developed by our company to suitable for customer's require for industry develop, the advance low-voltage switch gear which refereed with domestic and oversea product's design with our own change & improve, this product meet the rules for  national standard of GB7251.1, industry standard JB/T9661 and international standard IEC439-1

MNS Style Low voltage with drawable complete set switchgear suitable for the require of different power supply, power distribution, widely used for low voltage power distribution system like power station, substation, industry- mining enterprise, hotel & building, city construction etc.

Product features :
MNS Style Low voltage with drawable complete set switchgear with obviously features as below :
Compact design: with small space to hold and fix with more function units. With general propose for structure parts, flexible assembling, based on module E=25mm, structure and with drawable drawer can build with any combination unit to satisfied with require of system design.

Busbar used the plastic functional panel with high strength anti-fire, high insulation for protection, thus with anti- fault arcing performance, for get a reliable and safe operation and maintain.
The mechanical interlock for each drawer following the standard rules, with connection, testing, isolate 3 obviously position,reliable and safe. Adopted with high strength anti-fire style engineering plastic, with effective increasing the protection safety performance. Equipment with high reliable and continuing working perforce.

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