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Low Voltage Switch Board Switchgear Assemblies GCS

Jul 13, 2017

Basic Info

  • Certification: CCC, ISO9001

  • Voltage Level: Low Voltage

  • Structure: Cabinet

  • Shell Material: Steel Plate

  • Installation: Fixed


    Service Condition

    1. Ambient temperature: -5'C~+40'C. Average temperature in 24 hours <= 35'C.

    2. Altitude: Less than2000m.

    3. Air humidity at 40'C <=50%. Higher humidity at lower temperature is permitted. Occasional condensation due to temperature variation should be considered.

    4. No excessive vibration.

    5. No corrosion to electric elements.

    Special condition subject to customers.


    1. GCS withdrawable low voltage switchgear is designed to meet the requirements of the electrical users with high technical performances. It adapts to the development and needs of electricity market and also competes with the existing low-voltage switchgears. At present the product has been used widely in power plants, petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, textiles and high-rise architecture, and the distribution systems in other industries.
    2. The product services in the power system of generation and supply of rated voltage of 380 V (400), (600), rated current of 4000 A, below three-phase AC, frequency of 50 (60) Hz...
    3. Modulus height between drawer floors is E=20mm, divided into 8E/2 unit, 8E unit, 16E unit and 24E unit. The rated current of unit circuit is 250A and below.
    The working current is 2500A and above and the main busbar is dispalyed double foot-column to withstand 80 kA shorttime impulse current.
    4. Here are obvious marks in the positions of separation, closing, test and drawing out in the drawer panel