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Low Voltage Fixed Switchgear - GGD

Oct 26, 2017

GGD style Low voltage fixed  switchgear widely used in  power generation, substation, facotry-mining enterprise etc whom used for AC 50z, 400V rated voltage,3150A rated current power distribution system. Working as  the power transform, distribution and controll for power, lighting as well  power distribution equipment.

GGD style Low voltage fixed  switchgear designed with high breaking ability, stable thermal, 
with originality,reasonable structure, electric program suitable for circumstance, with serration, high applicability, high protection etc, can be working as the new generation products.

This products meet the standard of IEC60439 ( The low-voltage unitized switchgear and control equipment), GB7251.1 ( the 1st part of The low-voltage unitized switchgear and control equipment:  Pattern testing and part pattern testing unitized equipment) etc.

Product features:

GGD cabinet bread the structure style for old generation product, the basic frame is combination assemling style, all of the parts of frame are tightened & connected by srew, the frame and door, front panel all with phosphating and spray with polyester orange grain. None spraying part with treat with zincification and deactivation. Outside shell with IP30 protection level, this can be also get selection from IP2-IP40 according to require of customer's installation place, this cubicles design with good ventilate system.

The inlet style of it with up,down inlet style, at same time designed with top, left, middle, right position for inlet to satisfied with different project design that require different inlet. Also inside the cubicle there are set up with fixed position for electric generation factory and special customer to add relay and other auto equipment.

GGD cabinet with high breaking ability, good thermal stability, flexible electric combination program etc features.

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