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Introduction of metal stamping parts

Oct 24, 2018

Hardware: Steel or some non-ferrous metal processed parts, processing methods: Cold / hot stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting, etc. Also include other processes, the definition is relatively wide.

Stamping parts: The most used in hardware processing, refers to the molds for steel/non-ferrous metals such as steel at room temperature, which are formed into a specified shape by the pressure required by the press.

Including some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. The stamping parts we usually say refer to cold stamping parts. For example, an iron plate, if you want to turn it into a snack plate, you have to design a mold. The working surface of the mold is the shape of the plate. Pressing the iron plate with a mold becomes the plate you want. This is cold stamping, which is to directly punch the hardware with a mold.


Metal stamping parts application field

1) metal stamping parts  in the automotive industry. Mainly to draw. In this part of china, it is mainly concentrated in large factories such as automobile factories, tractor factories and aircraft manufacturers. Independent large-scale stamping and deep drawing factories have not been seen.

(2) stamping of parts and components in the automotive industry. Mainly punching and forming. Many of the companies in this sector belong to the scale factory, and there are also some independent stamping plants. At present, there are many such small factories near some automobile factories or tractor factories.

(3) electric device stamping factory. This kind of factory is a new industry, which has developed along with the development of electrical appliances, which are mainly concentrated in the south.

(4) life commodity stamping factory. Do some crafts, tableware, etc. These factories have also developed greatly in recent years.

(5) household appliance parts stamping factory. These factories are only launched after the development of household appliances in china, and most of them are distributed in home appliance enterprises.

(6) special stamping enterprises. Such as the stamping of aviation parts, etc. Belong to such enterprises, but these craft plants are also owned by some large factories.

metal stamping parts