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How To Judge The Transformer Is Good Or Bad

May 15, 2018

How to judge the transformer is good or bad

Transformer is an indispensable part of the power system, and it is also the key equipment in production and life. Whether the transformer is normal or not is directly related to the power quality of customers. The method of determining the quality of a transformer is simple. Below I will share with you how I judge the quality of the transformer.

1. The transformer in operation. The transformer in operation can be judged as normal through the following inspections: whether the sound of the transformer is normal or not; the oil-immersed transformer must also observe whether the oil temperature and the oil level are normal; whether the insulation sleeve is discharged or broken; whether the cooling system is Normal; transformer oil leakage and so on.

2. The transformer that has not been put into operation. Transformers not put into use can be tested to determine whether they are normal. Test items include: winding resistance measurement, voltage transformation ratio test, insulation resistance measurement, winding deformation test, insulation oil test, partial discharge test, etc. to judge whether the transformer is normal.

3. If the transformer in operation is abnormal, it can also be judged by test after power failure. The test results should not be much different from the factory test or the previous test result. The specific value is related to the transformer capacity, so there is not much to say here.

4. Micro-transformers. The voltage is relatively low and the capacity of the transformer is relatively small or the transformer used on the device can be judged by whether or not there is a trace of discharge and whether or not a secondary voltage is measured.