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Teach You How to Install A Power Meter in A 10kV Distribution Cabinet

Mar 13, 2018

Teach you how to install a power meter in a 10kV distribution cabinet

Electric energy meter is used to measure energy meter, also known as power meter, fire meter, kilowatt-hour meter, refers to the measurement of various electrical quantities of instruments.

When using a power meter, it should be noted that in the case of low voltage (not more than 500 volts) and low current (tens of amps), the meter can be directly connected to the circuit for measurement. In the case of high voltage or high current, the meter cannot be directly connected to the line and must be used with a voltage transformer or a current transformer.

Since the electric energy meter is a measuring instrument, its installation position and installation manner will affect the accuracy of meter measurement. Therefore, when installing a power distribution meter in a distribution cabinet, follow the relevant installation specifications and pay attention to the following aspects.

(1) The electric energy meter is installed in the non-explosive and non-flammable places where the humidity is 0-40 C, dry, no vibration, no strong magnetic field, no corrosive gas, at least 0.5m from the heat pipe.

(2) When multiple power meters of the power distribution cabinet are installed side by side, the distance between the two tables must not be less than 200mm.

(3) The power meter center to the ground is generally 1.5--1.8m; when installed in a vertical tray or switchgear cabinet, the distance from the ground should not be less than 0. 7m: In addition to the switch cabinet, the meter above the general Do not install frequently operated appliances.

(4) The electric energy meter should be placed in a conspicuous shelving for reading and monitoring: the indoor table door should be equipped with glass. The table box installed in public places should be locked.

(5) When the electric energy meter box is installed in the outdoor, measures shall be taken to prevent rainwater from intruding. The top of the meter box is in a waveform along the box f7. The front and rear of the meter shall exceed the table box by 100mm.

(6) Electricity lines with different electricity prices should be installed separately. Lines with the same electricity price can be combined and loaded.

(7) The power meter of the power distribution cabinet shall be installed vertically. The inclination of the front and rear and left and right shall not exceed 2: otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the counting basin.

(8) There should be no connector in the middle of the wire connected to the energy meter. The wiring on the terminal board should be accurate and reliable. The contact is good. Each connector must be numbered according to design specifications in order to check the circuit.