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High Voltage Switch Cabinet Numbering Rules in Distribution Room

Apr 20, 2018

The numbering method of the high voltage cabinet in the power distribution room includes 35 for the 35KV header, 2 for the 10KV header, and 4 for the 0.4kv header. This code is selected according to the designer's habits, or according to the external cable number or the geographical location of the cabinet in the entire system.


The 35KV prefix is 3, the incoming line switch is 31, 32, the transformer switch is 301, 302, the contact is 345. The 10KV prefix is 2, the incoming line or transformer switch is 201, 202, the outgoing line switch is 211, 212, 221, 222, the contact is 245, the measurement cabinet bus switch is 201-41, 202-51, the measurement cabinet voltage transformer is 201-49, 202-59, when the single-channel power supply is 201-31, 201-39.


The 0.4kv prefix is 4, the incoming line switch is 401, 402, the outgoing line isolating switch is 411, 412, 421, 422, the switch attaching the disconnecting switch is 411-1, 411-2 contact is 445.


It is a code. This code can be selected according to the designer's habits, but also according to the external cable number or the switch cabinet in the entire system's geographical position.


If there is no systematic design, this number can be very arbitrary as long as it can easily distinguish the switch cabinets in the system.


For example, high-voltage sequential programming is AH01, AH02.... Low-voltage programming is AA01, AA02.... but if the number is fixed, it is better not to change, because other connecting parts of the system design may already be according to this number identification has been completed, changes may cause confusion in installation and debugging.