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Ggd Low Voltage Electrical Switchgear

Jul 13, 2017

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: GGD

  • Structure: Cabinet, Protection

  • Origin: China

  • Voltage Level: Low Voltage

  • Type: Distribution Metering Box

  • Specification: CE, ISO

GGD low-vltage fixed switch equipment can be widely used in the substations, factories, mines, enterprises and the exchange of electricity users 50 HZ, rated voltage 400KV, rated current up to 3150A power distribution systerm, as power, lighting and power distribution equipment for power conversion, distribution and control purposes.

GGD cabinet broke through the old structure of the product, the basic framework for the cambination of assembly-type stucture, framework, all the structural parts are connected screw fastening, frame and door panels were treated by the phosphase-coated polyester orange-peel baking, all painted parts are not galvanized and after passivation, Shell protection grade IP30, can be installed according to the user premises