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A pneumatic components manufacturer is very concerned about the development trend of pneumatic components.

Feb 24, 2017

The application of aerodynamic technology is a sign of the development of pneumatic industry. The application of pneumatic components mainly for two aspects: maintenance and matching. In the past, domestic sales of pneumatic components to be used for maintenance, in recent years, directly to the main supporting sales increased year by year. The application of domestic pneumatic components, from the value of tens of millions of dollars of metallurgical equipment to only 1 to 2 yuan chair. Railway forklift, locomotive wheel and rail lubrication, train brakes, street cleaning, special workshop lifting equipment, military command vehicles and so on have used a specially developed domestic pneumatic components. This shows that pneumatic technology has "penetrated" to all walks of life, and is growing. The following are the same as the "

China's aerodynamic industry, although reached a certain scale and technical level, but compared with the international advanced level, the gap is very large. China's output value of pneumatic products accounted for only 1.3% of the world's total output value, only the United States 1/21, Japan's 1/15, Germany 1/8. This is not commensurate with the power of more than 10 billion people. From the species point of view, a Japanese company has 6,500 varieties, China only its 1/5. Product performance and quality level gap is also great.