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11kv vacuum circuit breaker specifications

Oct 12, 2017

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Model Number:ZN63(VS1)-12

Type:Vacuum, Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Poles Number:3

Rated Voltage:11KV / 12KV

Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current:20KA / 25KA , 31.5KA

Rated Current:630A ,1250A, 1600A,2000A,2500A,3150A


Alitude:Not exceed 1000m

Ambient Temperature:not higher than +40 ℃ , not less than -15 ℃


Machanical Life:10000 times


Vacuum Breaker Plastic bag first, then wooden case

Delivery Time

25-30days after get the 30% deposit

Product Name:   10kv electrical vacuum switch 1000 amp circuit breaker 11kv circuit breaker specifications

Type: Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Rated Voltage11KV / 12KV

Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current20KA / 25KA , 31.5KA

Rated Current Rated Current: 630A ,1250A, 1600A,2000A,2500A, 3150A

Frequency: 50HZ

Alitude Not exceed: 1000m

Ambient Temperature: not higher than +40  °C , not less than -15 °C

Certificate: ISO9001

Machanical Life: 10000 times

RMS: 20KA /25KA , 80KA

Dynamic Stability rated current(peak): 63KA , 80 KA

Rated short-circuit closing current(peak): 63KA

Rated short-Circuit closing breaking current breaking number: 50 Times

Rated operating sequence: O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO

Rated thermal stabilization time: 4s

CE ISO9001 25KA 630A 11KV Vacuum Breaker With Trolley:

circuit breaker trolley-2.jpg