Motorized Earthing Switch Electrical Earthing Switch

Motorized Earthing Switch Electrical Earthing Switch OEM

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Motorized Earthing Switch Electric Earthing Switch OEM

3-40.5KV AC metal-enclosed switchgear (Abbreviation for switchgear) has achieved great development in technology as its production in China went through the process of introduction, digestion, absorption and technological innovation. At present, switchgear has become the classic and mainstream product with its reliable interlock, easy operation and high interchangeability. With the development of electric power and the growing electricity demand, the reliability and security of power supply are getting more important, and therefore the unattended substation of power supply admits no delay.

To meet the development of the power switching devices and the new demand of the power divisions, our company has developed the electric earthing switch which fills the domestic gap and achieves national patent for invention. To maintain the style and the relevant interlock of the original earthing switch of switchgear, the electric earthing switch is improved with an electric mechanism for the original earthing switch JN15,JN17,JN22B and JN22 series, withc maintains the characteristic of the original earthing switch and achieves the electric operation of the earthing switch. Therefore, the electric operation and manual operation do no need to be switched, which satisfies the requirements of programmed operation in the power system.

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