VS1 Circuit Breaker Frames Enclosures

VS1 Circuit Breaker Frames Enclosures Features: Small volume and light weight Flexible installation and connection of components One-piece molding technology Good performance to reduce operation maintenance and prolong service life Moisture proof explosion proof Strictly quality control in whole...

Product Details

VS1 Circuit Breaker Frames Enclosures


  1. Small volume and light weight 
  2. Flexible installation and connection of components
  3. One-piece molding technology
  4. Good performance to reduce operation maintenance and prolong service life 
  5. Moisture proof explosion proof
  6. Strictly quality control in whole production


The frame structure of the indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker includes a bottom plate, a side plate, an upper cover plate, a middle partition plate, and left and right fixed plates for mounting the rocker arm of the circuit breaker.


Wide range of applications, suitable for voltage protection of railways, power stations, outdoor power distribution, etc.

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